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Abigail Mew, BA(Hons) Interior Architecture & Design, Nottingham Trent University
Deadline for responses 10th February 2016

IMG_8077“Various barriers and facilitators can be identified associated with participation in fitness and recreation programs/facilities among persons with disabilities. Defining current participation, preferences and engagements, with an understanding of the barriers and motivations could lead to intervention. It is important not to have a preconceived perception, as disabled people are individuals with varied needs just like non-disabled people yet do not always fall into set groupings defined for them. Equally, not all disabled people will have the same reason for being or not being active, therefore it is important to be aware of what encourages and prevents individual disabled people from taking part and what similarities exist.”

Reseach Questions – Carers supporting disabled (Word document 2010)

Reseach Questions – Fitness professionals supporting disabled (Word document 2010)

Reseach Questions – People who obtain a disability (Word document 2010)

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