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We just need a few simple contact details – name/address/postcode/home phone/mobile plus a brief outline of your disability and any note of how this may affect you out on the course. For anyone who is a club member details of your club and handicap are also useful but not essential.

Please email the above details to

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  1. Andrew Jones

    My Name is Andrew Jones, I am an above knee left leg amputee,I do have a prosthetic leg, my handicap is 36, I need a buggy to get around course
    I am a member of Wickham Park Golf Club, I also play golf with On Course Foundation, Band of Brothers and B.L.E.S.M.A. (British Limbless Ex-Service Men’s Association) but none of these are at a competition standard.

  2. Dani Wilson

    Hi my name is Dani I am a 21 year old female who loves to play golf I was born with cerebral palsy on my left side and have not much feeling  I find every day life a challenge i also have epilepsy, learning disabilities,Autism/PDA   but  I love to play golf I have taught myself to play with one hand but I struggle to walk long distances and I have trouble with my left hip and back I get tired easily and sometimes lose my balance I am recently
     having help with a golf coach to improve my golf skills I do have a club handy cap at 36 I am working towards getting a professional handy cap for next year I am interested on joining you and entering golf competition.

    If you need to know any more info please email me I look forward to hearing from you

    Your suncarily Dani Wilson. 

  3. Thomas edge

    Thomas is a member of Brancepth Cathleen golf club. He is classed as disabled.  Plays off 23 and keen to play in competitions. Do you have any in the North East

    Clare Edge (his Mum) 

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