We have agreed a rule at DGA that you cannot win or receive OOM points at your first event. Any new member with an official club/ CONGU handicap needs to bring a handicap certificate with them. New members without a handicap will be given a maximum of 24 for men and 32 for ladies/juniors and the handicap will be adjusted after each event.
DGA remains committed to providing an inclusive environment for disabled and impaired golfers alike:

  • Unless a member holds a EDGA medical card, the maximum handicap that members can have is 28 for men and 36 for ladies
  • DGA in England falls broadly within the rulings/operates within the guidelines and policies set by the European Disabled Golf Association (EDGA) and the R&A.

DGA operates on the masterscoreboard system classified as a ‘Society’; this means we can set some of our own rules. The society will run its competitions and handicaps under the CONGU system which is adopted by all clubs and the EGU as the official handicapping and competition status.

Club players should provide evidence of club membership at the beginning of the season so we can update our records:

  • Where a player has a club handicap and a society handicap they should play off whichever is the lowest for Society days
  • It is the responsibility of the player to advise on registration their current club handicap (f applicable) and to provide proof of their handicap if there are any changes.
  • A player with in excess of 36 Stableford points will be cut and a result under par will lead to an increase in a players Society handicap as per the CONGU rules.
  • Any deviation to these rules or individual cases of poor conduct at an event, may result in disqualification on the day of the event
  • It is a players responsibility to check their own named card prior to signing and to ensure prompt submission for results scoring on return to the clubhouse
  • When competition results are announced on the day, they cannot be altered. If this impacts on OOM points an adjustment will be made to match the competition results announced on the day.
  • It is recognised you can have an exceptional day and perform well but after cards have been processed at an event, we would encourage you to take a signed copy of your card and submit to your club should you so wish.

Information supplied below is to help you with any issues about obtaining a CONGU handicap.

Any members that don’t have an official CONGU handicap, can submit 3 cards from playing generally (scan them into email if necessary) and email to our DGA Handicap Secretary at handicap.secretary@disabledgolf.org.uk  The DGA will allocate a PROVISIONAL HANDICAP allowing you to enter competitions from day one (this does not override the ruling that you cannot win or receive OOM points at your first event; it allows you to participate for handicap purposes). This handicap will then be verified when you have played with existing members and both cards have been received. Their handicap will only be made official after 3 cards have been received.

After each event, the DGA will publish results on Masterscorecard so that members can see the results and any changes in handicaps.

Below is a copy of a scorecard (kindly put together by Brian ”Barmy” Parsons, our regional co-ordinator in the midlands).  In this example you are the Player A and will have filled in your name and handicap etc and already swapped cards at the first tee – the person marking your card (“marker”) will complete all of the scoring on this card. Only Player A’s name goes on the card – no one elses. This is an example of how we would like your scorecard to be filled in before submitting for scoring.



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