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The Disabled Golf Association in England operates effectively as a ‘Society’ able to make some of its own rules regarding events; you do not have to be a Club member to join the DGA; we are an ‘inclusive’ organisation, working closely with England Golf and are core members of the Technical Committee (Disabilities).  You do not have to be a member of EDGA to play in DGA’s regular local/regional events. However if you want to play international events across Europe, these are available at different levels of ability across Europe and we would encourage our members who are able, and who can afford to travel etc, to participate and enjoy these events. This is separate from team selection for the DGA Team England playing friendly matches against Scotland and Wales (which is via DGA order of merit).

EDGA governs disabled golf throughout Europe and provide advice and information at an international level. EDGA embraces all of the federations of European countries. In England our governing body/federation is England Golf; to be a member of England Golf you would simply need to be a member of a Club. There is more information on the England Golf website

Any Club member with a clear disability qualifies to become a member of EDGA; disability isn’t always visible and can be hard to define, so EDGA work to their own Definitions of Impairments 2013. These will be extended to include blind golfers and those with intellectual difficulties in the future.

As well as opportunities to play in international tournaments, EDGA provide access to formal assessment for an EDGA Medical Pass; we are hopeful that assessment necessary for a pass may be possible to arrange at some DGA events in 2015 for those who wish to pursue this.

In particular for gentlemen whose disability affects their golf swing and who wish to play off a handicap greater than 28 they will need to apply using the following form/definitions; the same applies to ladies who due to their disability need to play off a handicap greater than 36.

EDGA Definitions of Impairments 2013

EDGA Report Evaluation 2014

Alternatively, if your impairment(s) are such that you think you might fall within the definition of disability, it is helpful to make an application to have this clarified  in advance of booking in for an EDGA event.

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