DGA are proud partners in organising this annual event alongside the Menai-Davies family held annually at The Shire London


DSCN0085Huge congratulations to all for taking part in this years event and to Lewis Eccles our overall winner! The Golf Trust UK Open comprised some 70 entrants and is one of the most inclusive events in the DGA calendar each year that we are extremely proud to have a close association with.
Competition Report (Nett Scores) – GOLF TRUST UK OPEN 2015 – 27 July 2015
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GOLF TRUST UK DISABLED OPEN: Press release (27 October 2014)

On Monday 27th October 2014, 48 disabled and impaired golfers teed off at The Golf Trust UK Disabled Open at The Shire in Barnet, north London. They weren’t alone some 37 staff from British Airways took part as caddies volunteering their time to help out for the day.

DGA Founder Chris Smith with Peter King and Brian Botwood

DGA Founder Chris Smith with Peter King and Brian Botwood

Ladies competitors Sue Robertson, Lesley Bain, Hannie Harris

Ladies competitors Sue Robertson, Lesley Bain, Hannie Harris

PeterKing overall winner

Peter King tees off








The Results

Overseeing the arrangements on the day and presenting the prizes was Matthew Andrews who volunteers with the Golf Trust, ably assisted by David Rose of Hickory Golf.

PrizesC_Matthew with Brian Botwood

Brian Botwood, Winner 28+

PrizesB_Matthew with Djemal Muhuddin

Djemal Muhuddin Winner 19-27

PrizesA_Matthew with BrianWhite

Brian White, Winner 0-18







Brian White was winner of category 0-18; Djemal Muhuddin won 19-25; and Brian Botwood won higher handicappers. Nearest the Pin on the 7th was Rob Grant; Nearest the Pin on the 14th was Jason Heathfield. But the real winner was disabled and impaired golf.

Junior winner was rocket-powered young sensation Lewis Eccles, just 13 from Doncaster, Lewis was defending the title he won at The Shire in 2013.

PrizesC2_Cae Menai Davies with Junior champ Lewis Eccles

Cae Menai Davies with Junior champ Lewis Eccles

Ladies winner was Sue Robertson, 49, from Wokingham, Berkshire. Sue was a complete beginner 3 years ago so was delighted with her win which she said was “a true test of perseverance”.

Peter King, 52, from Walderslade, Chatham in Kent was left with a paralysed arm, broken leg and knee cap, and fractured skull on Tuesday 13th November 1979, after a serious motor cycle accident aged just 17. Surgeons tried to repair the nerve damage to his spinal cord without success. Although he had played a little pitch and putt as a youth, football was more his thing. So as part of his rehabilitation, Peter started playing golf with friends to see if he could maybe play one-handed and to get his life back on track, “I can’t even remember the last time I got a birdie, but on the par3 into the wind, I chose a club lower than usual and my ball landed two inches from the flag but I still had to putt it. I’m on cloud 9 right now, absolutely delighted”.

PrizesD_Cheryl Stevens presents Craig Waugh Trophy to PeterKing

Cheryl Stevens presents Craig Waugh Memorial Trophy to Peter King

The winner’s trophy, the Craig Waugh Memorial Trophy was presented by Cheryl Stevens, Craig’s mum. Craig had been a promising junior who died tragically in a car accident. Cheryl always felt that had Craig survived his accident albeit say with major injury he had been the type of person who would have persevered and played as a disabled golfer such was his passion.

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