The Race to Burhill is a series of Order of Merit (OOM) competitions run throughout the DGA calendar where the top three automatically qualify for a coveted place in the final to be held on Friday 21st October 2016:

Qualifying events Qualifiers
Friday 18th March – BGL Birchwood Park, Kent Trevor Sherrington, Ashley Harris, Martyn Smith
Friday 25th March – BGL Thornbury, Bristol Harry Turnell, Darren Murton, Bobby David
Friday 22nd April – BGL Redbourn, Herts
Thursday 26th May – BGL Hoebridge, Surrey
Thursday 21st July – BGL Abbey Hill, Bucks
Friday 5th August – BGL Ramsdale Park, Notts


“The last two seasons in 2014 and 2015, the Disabled Golf Association have been proud to be associated with BGL. When we have held events for disabled and impaired golfers at BGL courses we have found them to be exceptional – not just the quality of the course but we know what we can expect in terms of excellent service and each of the venues has something a little bit unique and speciBurhill GCal. For example many of the BGL courses have an extra Academy Course, or Par-3 course, a health spa/gym, and even pirate island adventure and fun. We see the same faces popping up at different venues who are trainee managers and managers and many are now good friends, a low turnover of staff tells you alot about a group such as BGL.

Of course BGL have come to realise the benefits of working with us – we have shared radio interviews with BGL’s CEO, worked with Pros, and managed to get many articles published in local and national golf magazines about our partnership. Providing well priced packages for our members means regular cash flow with members spending in their well-stocked pro shops and bars.” Graeme Robertson, National Events Director, Disabled Golf Association


Friday 23rd October 2015 – BGL FINAL Race to Burhill



BGL (pre event) press release 2015

CONGRATULATIONS to our 2015 winners:

DSCN0047 1st Brian White (Amputee, Lincs)

Winner Brian White from Lincolnshire

DSCN0045 2nd Ashley Harris (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Surrey)

2nd Ashley Harris from Surrey

DSCN0067 3rd Darren Murton (One Arm, Worcs)

3rd Darren Murton from Worcestershire

DSCN0042 BGL Race to Burhill Finalists with organisers Sue Robertson of DGA and Sophie Burke of BGL

BGL Race to Burhill Finalists with organisers Sue Robertson of DGA and Sophie Burke of BGL (centre)

DSCN0112 BGL Finalists dressed for Dinner at Burhill

Finalists dressed for dinner

We couldn’t have done this without the dedication and hard work of Graeme Robertson, National Events Co-ordinator of the Disabled Golf Association, Sophie Burke, Marketing Director for BGL and her wonderful staff based at Burhill, and our amazing team of volunteers:

We couldn’t have done this without the hard work  and smiling faces of our team of dedicated volunteers throughout the season ably led by Sue Robertson (who is Berkshire Co-Ordinator for JOININ, seen pictured centre with Sophie Burke, Marketing Director for BGL and Stan Bembenek, CEO Disabled Golf Association

DSCN0115 Matthew Hazelden presents NP to Rob Grant

Matthew Hazelden presents NP to Rob Grant


DSCN0114 Matthew Hazelden  presents LD to Bobby David

Matthew Hazelden presents LD to Bobby David

Position Player BGL Course qualified at Stableford points
1 Brian White (Finger loss, Lincs) Ramsdale Park 7/8/15 39 pts (09)
2 Ashley Harris (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Surrey) Wycombe Heights 4/9/15 37 pts (07)
3 Darren Murton (One Arm, Worcs) Shropshire 8/5/15 33 pts (14)
4 Ben Bowen (AK-Amputee, Cornwall) Wycombe Heights 4/9/15 32 pts (11)
5 Brian ‘Barmy’ Parsons (Parkinson’s, Leics) Birchwood Park 21/3/15 32 pts (16)
6 Clive Martin (Osteogenesis Imperfecta, East Sussex) Wycombe Heights 4/9/15 31 pts (22)
7 Gary Taylor (Frederick’s Ataxia, Lancs) Ramsdale Park 7/8/15 30 pts (23)
8 Harry Turnell (CP, Somerset) Thornbury Park 27/3/15 29 pts (27)
9 Bill Savage (AK-Amputee, Wilts) Thornbury Park 27/3/15 29 pts (19)
10 Keith Dolman (AK-Amputee, Essex) Shropshire 8/5/15 27 pts (27)
11 Stan Bembenek (Hind-Qtr Amputee, Berks) Abbey Hill 18/6/15 27 pts (23)
12 Bobby David (Autism/hypermobility/hearing, Berks) Hoebridge 14/8/15 26 pts (19)
13 Rob Grant (RRMS, Hants) Birchwood Park 21/3/15 26 pts (18)
14 Charlie White (BK-Amputee, Berks) Wycombe Heights 4/9/15 24 pts (29)
15 Martyn Smith (Leg Length Inequality, Northants) Thornbury Park 27/3/15 23 pts (22)
16 Martin Jelley (BK-Amputee, Surrey) Birchwood Park 21/3/15 22 pts (15)
17 Hannie Harris (Systemic Sclerosis, Herts) Abbey Hill 18/6/15 21 pts (36)
18 Graeme Mazur (Brain Injury, Kent) Hoebridge 14/8/15 19 pts (28)
DQ* Andy Greenhill Abbey Hill 18/6/15 -
DQ* Terry Kirby Ramsdale Park 7/8/15 -
DQ* Ray Lee Hoebridge 14/8/15 -

(DQ* Unable to attend due to ill-health; AK above knee; BK below knee)

Qualifiers 2015:

Here is a list of finalists and where they qualified for the 2015 final:

Birchwood Park 21/3 – Barmy Parsons, Rob Grant, Martin Jelley
Thornbury Park 27/3 – Harry Turnell, Bill Savage, Martyn Smith
Shropshire 8/5 (MartynS), Keith Dolman, (Barmy), Darren Murton
Abbey Hill 18/6 – Hannie Harris, (Keith), Andy Greenhill, Stan Bembenek
Ramsdale Park 7/8 – Gary Taylor, Brian White, Terry Kirby
Hoebridge 14/8 – Bobby David, Graeme Mazur, Ray Lee
Wycombe Heights 4/9 – Ben Bowen, (Rob), Charlie White, Clive Martin, Ashley Harris

(brackets denotes already qualified at an earlier event, 4th place was considered in these circumstances)

In 2015 we had nearly 70 participants at the BGL venues chosen to participate in this year’s Race; so congratulations if you were part of the Race of 2015!


Participants at BGL Birchwood Park


Participants at BGL Thornbury Park

150508_The Shropshire, 8May2015

Participants at BGL The Shropshire

150618_Abbey Hill 18June2015

Participants at BGL Abbey Hill


Gary Taylor, Winner at BGL Ramsdale Park

Bobby David, Winner at BGL Hoebridge


Qualifiers at BGL Wycombe Heights


Participants at BGL Wycombe Heights






















Friday 17th October 2014 – BGL FINAL Race to Burhill

15 finalists from the six BGL events held across the country throughout the season – covering an area from Nottingham to Bristol and across to Kent – battled it out in a closely fought final in the BGL Race to Burhill arranged in partnership with the Disabled Golf Association. To gain a coveted place in this complementary final, hosted by BGL’s flagship course at Burhill, golfers had to finish in the top 3 at one of the qualifying events.

Race to Burhill FINAL: DGA Press release (17th October 2014)

Disabled golfer Kevin White wins Race to Burhill 2014 (BGL Press Release)

Disabled golfers at the first tee on the New Course Disabled golfers celebrate at Burhill Graeme Robertson, Kevin White, David Woodward

In 3rd place on countback, one of several with 33points was junior Bobby David (autism, Berkshire); 2nd with 34points was Ben Bowen (above the knee amputee, Cornwall); and the winner with 35points was Kevin White (spinal, Berkshire).

Position Player BGL Course qualified at Stableford points
1 Kevin White (Spinal/Arthritis, Berks) Hoebridge 35
2 Ben Bowen (ak-amputee, Cornwall Thornbury 34
3 Bobby David, junior (autism, Berks) Thornbury 33
Rob Grant (MS, Hants) Wycombe Heights 33
Mark Walters (ak-amputee, Kent) Birchwood Park 33
6 Brian ‘Barmy’ Parsons (Parkinson’s, Leics) Birchwood Park 31
Paul Houghton (ak-amputee, Essex) Wycombe Heights 31
Andy Greenhill (Mobility, Leics) Ramsdale Park 31
Bernd Hintz (ak-amputee, London) Wycombe Heights 31
10 Stan Bembenek (whole leg amputee, Berks) Hoebridge 29
Alan Moulpied (ak-amputee, Sussex/Wales) Hoebridge 29
12 Hannah Harris (MS, Herts) Aldwickbury Park 24
13 Terry Kirby (Paralysed, Derbyshire) Ramsdale 21
Clive Martin (Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Sussex) Aldwickbury Park 21
15 Peter Hardy (Spinal, Hants) Ramsdale 15

Qualifiers 2014


BGL Birchwood Park, Kent 14th March 2014


BGL Thornbury Park, Bristol 27th March 2014

Wycombe Heights, 6th August 2014

BGL Wycombe Heights, Bucks, 6th August 2014

DSCN0207 (2)

BGL Aldwickbury Park, Herts, 5th September 2014


BGL Hoebridge, Surrey, 26th September 2014


BGL Hoebridge (contd)


BGL Ramsdale Park, Notts, 2nd October 2014


  1. rochapears

    What an amazing achievement Brian. Thanks for making contact please can you call Graeme on 0118-979-0193 it would be great to see you at some events.

  2. Brian orfall

     I have Parkinson’s disease and recently played golf every day for an entire year to raise money for the Michael J Fox foundation. I play to  foundation. I play to a 15 handicap and might be interested in playing in some events this year.  

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