We are delighted to announce our very own Sue Robertson, DGA’s Digital Marketing Director has been shortlisted for the COMMUNITY AWARD for the Sunday Times Sportswoman of the Year Awards 2016. Voting has now closed and the winner will be announced in the Sunday Times on 11th December


16/11/16. SPORT: Sue Robertson, Director of the Disabled Golf Association, photographed on the first tee at Staverton Golf Club, near Daventry. Picture for Sport.

There is a lot of interest in the #swoty2016 awards and Sue has been busy filming with The Sunday Times with a feature article in the paper on Sunday 20th November, and a piece to go out on BBC South Today, aiming to spread the word about #disabledgolf. We will keep this page updated over the coming weeks with links to all of this.

Sunday Times SWOTY Community Award from Sue Robertson on Vimeo.

We are hugely grateful to joininuk.org for making the nomination in the first place:

“Sue Robertson set up the Disabled Golf Association with husband Graeme. For the individual who’s had a stroke or traumatic accident, disabled golf is about therapy & rehabilitation and rebuilding your life – for all, it’s about friendship and ultimately a pathway to competition. Through the DGA Sue has created a culture where athletes thrive to be best they can be.
Over the past 6 years Sue and her team at the Disabled Golf Association have inspired 1,000 golfers with disabilities to get active through golf. That’s 1,000 members who are now able to build friendships, keep active and gain independence through sport. She has also built a network of volunteers to help deliver successful events across the country.
As a volunteer Sue does a lot of the work behind the scenes, while Graeme sources venues, professional coaches and equipment to provide a pathway from beginners, to events and elite events. Sue runs events on the day, along with a network of volunteers she has built up, freeing her husband up to just chat with members making them feel welcome. Sue provides the IT support and taught herself how to support and build a website for the Association too. Sue prefers to be the one behind the camera and has built up Graeme’s media profile and leads on all the social media aspects.
Sue set up the DGA after meeting husband Greame (who suffers with MS) as much to help Graeme cope with his progressive condition. When they realised the power of sport as a therapy and for rehabilitation, the pair wanted to inspire more people with disabilities to play the sport and have built a competition structure via Order of Merit for golfers who are able to play a sport alongside people without disabilities.
Sue has been flying the flag for disability golf over the last six years and recently spearheaded the DRIVE2DRIVE challenge which raised more than £2,500 to support Team England for disabled golf, along with donations from their sponsors Bellway Homes and FORE Business Network.”

If you would like to know more about our work please take a look at the interview with Graeme, Sue’s husband on the BBC Get Inspired website. Graeme will tell you, that without Sue’s help as a volunteer, DGA would not be what it is today.

Here are some testimonials from our members about Sue’s volunteer work with the DGA

Paul Houghton, ak-amputee, Essex

AEC_victoryThe DGA, is a magnificent example of what can be achieved by disabled people for disabled people.  Its ethos is enjoyment through participation.  For me it has allowed me to compete in a sport I love with others with impairment and a similar attitude.  Being part of this family has boosted my self-esteem and strengthened my resolve in playing golf.  The friendships I have formed have helped more than I can describe.  Sue and Graeme Robertson have achieved an outstanding disability model in sport of national importance. It is only fitting that they should receive recognition for the tireless work in this field.  I am proud to be one of their ambassadors.

Rob Grant, Handicap Secretary DGA, HampshireDSCN2023

A mother, full time carer to Graeme, as well as being in full time employment. How she finds the time or the enthusiasm to help and assist run events for the Disabled Golf Association I don’t know. Sacrificing her days off and holiday to help others.

Since we first met, Sue has been welcoming, honest, willing to learn from more experienced golfers, all to help grow the DGA. She has taken me into the DGA family with open arms.

I have the utmost respect for Sue, her diligence, kindness, honesty and dignity.

Lesley Bain, Macmillan Nurse, Hertfordshire

lesleyI have known Sue for 4 years and I’m in awe of what she has been able to achieve.

I discovered the disabled golf association shortly after I was diagnosed with MS. It has changed my life and given me focus. It’s good to see how others cope with their disabilities whilst playing sport and I now have a large network of friends across the country.

Sue has been a major influence in my life and my outlook and she has become a dear friend. Sue has been my inspiration to be more involved with golf and encouraged me to sit on the England Golf Women’s Panel with an aim of getting more women into golf.

Nothing is too much trouble for her and I’m honoured to have her as my friend. She is loved and respected by so many people.

Hannie Harris, SystemIc Sclerosis, North LondonDSCN0142

Before I discovered DGA, I had lost all my confidence, previously being an outgoing person, and used to speaking to large numbers.  I had been very ill following my diagnosis of SystemIc Sclerosis, and had lost all my mobility.  I had been a competitive athlete, and I was convinced that I would not be able to do sport again.  Being part of DGA has helped regain my confidence, I am no longer lonely but part of a family of disabled golfers.  I look forward to events, I have made friends and once again feel alive.  Without DGA my life would be totally different.  Sue and Graeme work so hard at organising events, making it a fun activity for all of us.  Sue in particular does so much behind the scenes, and ensures, everything goes according to plan.

Keith Dolman – Amputee, Essex

I am a member of the Disabled Golf Association (I am a leg amputee and use an artificial leg).DSCN2525

I attend a great many of the Associations event and find it an inspiration to play this great game with other like-minded disabled people.

Playing in these events has made a big difference to my life since I lost my leg. The Association’s events help my mobility and general health hugely as well as the enjoyment I get from the social side of the days.

These events would not happen without the help of the main volunteer Sue Robertson.

I first met Sue in 2010 at the first event I attended. She does a huge amount of work for the Association both behind the scenes before and after all the events and also on the day of the event.